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Leah Farrell – 04/2018
Couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Extremely professional, knowledgeable, and prompt. Fixed everything that was needed. Highly recommend Zum Computer Services

Kathy Zendner – 03/2018
Lucas is very prompt and a true professional. His fees are very reasonable. Lucas reformatted my laptop and restored all of my files and photos. He added a typing program and a new hard drive for me. He explained everything he did to my satisfaction and with patience! My laptop is as good as new and runs a lot faster now. It’s nice to have someone as kind as and understanding as Lucas. I’m very pleased and highly recommend Lucas. Thank you Lucas and Mindy!

Greg Claessens – 01/2018
We have happily used Zum for years, always a good experience.

Ruth Palnick – 12-2017
Mindy was warm and engaging on the phone and Lucus arrived promptoy and clearly knew what he was doing. BIG help!!

Gail McFarlin – 11/2017
Lucas is my new bff. I have been working from home through a VPN and “screen mirroring” to a Sony “smart” TV for a second display. Sometimes everything went smoothly and sometimes not. The times things did not go smoothly were far outweighing the good times. I had consulted with IT support from the office, Comcast, Sony, and researched a lot of forums trying to find answers. Yesterday I called Zum Computer Services and Lucas came on-site today. He was awesome and helped me SO much. I highly recommend him and his company.

Travelin Taphouse – 10/2017
Fantastic Fast Service , very knowledgeable, great customer service. Our business computer went down. Zum took care of it coming to our location making it very convenient without charging ridiculously high prices. I will definitely recommend and use Zum again.

Erica C – 10/2017
Lucas was great, he was able to explain things in a way that even those of us who aren’t quite so computer literate are able to understand. I will definitely use Zum again when I need computer technical support.

John C – 10/2017
I collect old computers, and a sentimental favorite Pentium 4 of mine had been out of commission for several years. Lucas and Mindy were enormously helpful in starting the restoration process. There is still a ways to go, but I had prepared myself for that possibility. Thanks to them, real progress was made, and I was able to copy off all of the files from it for safekeeping. For me, that was a huge, vitally necessary first step; the rest will come in time, and I am totally confident that it will be done right; I trust them completely. As far as I’m concerned, Zum will be the only service I use to achieve my goal of a complete restoration on that machine, no matter how long it takes: If it can be done, I am totally confident that they will get it done. They did what they said they would do, when they said they would do it, and their prices were eminently fair. They will either work on your computer where it is, or, as in my case, they will come and pick it up and then return it after the work is done. They have total credibility with me when it comes to computer repairs, and they take the time to answer any and all questions. Trust your computer problems to Zum computers: You will be glad you did. I certainly was and am. Update: I just recently purchased a custom computer built for me by ZUM and I couldn’t be happier. Just as with the repair work in my original review, the price was fair and the service was absolutely excellent. My new high-end i5 more than fulfills my expectations: It runs flawlessly and I fully expect given my previous experiences with ZUM that it will continue to run flawlessly for as many years as I will need it to. I wouldn’t even think of purchasing a computer other than having them build me one. If you prefer excellent quality craftsmanship at reasonable prices, use ZUM: You get all of the convenience of buying at a store but your machine is custom built to your specifications and needs at a reasonable price, with outstanding quality; with ZUM I have always always gotten my money’s worth, whether it’s repair, consulting, or purchase. It just doesn’t get any better than that. I wish I could give them more than 5 stars; they really are that good.

Scott Von Zange – 10/2017
Lucas was very professional and timely. He was very clear and easy to understand. This has been an on going issue with multiple people coming out to try and diagnose. He was able to give me the tools to resolve the problem.

Mary Alexander – 10/2017
The user didn’t write a review, and has left just a rating.

M Lange – 07/2017
I needed a new laptop, but have no idea what exactly to look for. Lucas found me a fine machine at a good price. He cleared off all the preinstalled stuff I didn’t need, installed all the programs, files, and stuff I do need, got it up and running beautifully, answered all my questions, and was done in a timely fashion. I couldn’t be more satisfied. Unqualified recommendation.

R. Callicrate – 07/2017
Lucas was absolutely excellent!! He was able to work on our computer the same day I called. We couldn’t have been more pleased with how he answered our questions and quickly fixed things that had bugged us for a long time!! His fee is very reasonable and it was the best money we’ve spent in quite a while!

Marie Petrie – 06/2017
My experience with Lucas was very professional and expedient. He figured out my problems and even gave me a few lessons that will help me in the future. I would highly recommend his service to anyone who would like an enjoyable service repair. Believe me it doesn’t happen often.

Jean Louise – 04/2017
I would diffinitely recommend Zum Computer Services. I met with Lucas, who was very professional in his presentation, and thorough in explaining what was wrong with my laptop. The fee was very reasonable, I am very happy to know I will have a technician in the future for any other computer issues.

Jennifer dElseaux – 03/2017
Lucas was very professional, patient and knew what he was doing!! Very pleasant and wonderful customer service!! I highly recommend Zum!

Mary Hutchison – 03/2017
Lucas was unbelieveable knowledge did everything I asked and more. Pleasant, patient and willing be share his knowledge. VERY SATISFIED!!!

Absolute Storage – 02/2017
hoooorayyyy for experts who are on time and speedy and know so much more than i do about computers and software, woop woop !! i am the manager of a small business in Salem and we upgraded last week to a new Dell desktop computer so everything runs at lightning speed instead of like molasses. i booked Lucas at Zum Computer to come over and install our new desktop computer and he was Fantastic. he was very punctual both times (the first time he came i didn’t know i had to order a separate monitor to go with the new Dell tower, ha! this is why i hired an expert lol) and definitely maximized his time on the clock to keep our costs low. he ordered a new monitor for us at a very fair cost and when he came back to install everything he had the new Dell up and running and synced up with our printer in under an hour. i was thrilled! he also recommended security software (at my request) and we went online and purchased and downloaded that while he was here. all in all, this was exactly the experience i was hoping for — the new computer is up and running and everything works and it runs like a dream! thank you, Lucas and Mindy! they were easy to work with, professional, and affordable. we will definitely keep them on our office vendor list and call again in the future if we need IT support.

Nate D – 02/2017
The user didn’t write a review, and has left just a rating.

Carole Cox – 02/2017
Lucus set up new computer for us .He was very friendly and knowledgeable in assisting us with all our needs.

Satya Kline – 02/2017
Very prompt, affordable and professional service. I could not be happier with the service I received from Zum. As a self-employed contractor, having a top notch computer tech on hand is a life saver! Lucas can even remote in to assist you if you are on the road. Highly recommend!!

William Johnson – 12/2016
Lucas came to my house to transfer some data from old computers to my new computer. He arrived on time and quickly did the work I asked. His rate was fair and I’m very happy with the service he provided.

Melissa Tucker – 12/2016
If you need a miracle…. Zum Computer Services is very: professional, understanding, affordable, quick turn around time and….. honest! I was devastated after taking my computer to a well know place. I needed my files and photos put on an external hard drive. Then I was told, by these techs that they would reset my computer to factory and reapply my files. They even told me what external hard drive I needed. The very next day I was told my computer was ready to be picked up. They said they couldn’t find any of my files. They said they could send it out, and in several weeks they would call me, let me know if anything was found, give me a bill. I was also told that if the hard drive was dead; then nothing could be retrievable, and I’d need to buy a new computer. But wait,did they check the hard drive? No! I, was panicking. No files or photos backed up… yikes! So I called Zum. He was able to pull my files and place them back to my computer, after installing a new hard drive. I have my files, and the same computer. It only took a few days versus weeks with the other place. Then he delivered, set up, went over what was done, and answered questions. We will have them build a new computer for us soon. I have never left a review for a business. I am that impressed with my experience!

Rachel Babbs – 12/2016
Lucas was extremely helpful in resolving my issue. He was courteous, professional, and knowledgeable. I plan on calling him to resolve issues with my home computer, as well.

Barbara Young – 11/2016
Lucas was through, knowledgeable, helpful and provided excellent service.

Lynne Kerr – 11/2016
Thank you for promptly helping me after my computer had been hacked. I can’t tell you how relieved I was after you scanned and repaired everything. Would I use you again ..Absolutely!!! You were referred to me by my son and I will gladly refer you to anyone who needs help. Please send me some of your cars. Your fee was more than reasonable. Thank you. Lynne C Kerr

Mokie Secret – 10/2016
Lucas came on time to the appointment. He was resourceful at having several options to diagnose my external hard drive. Although he was not able to recover it due to the physical drive being customized and possibly damaged from a sabotage, he offered several other options for me to ship it to people who can physically attempt to fix electronics. He was very knowledgeable and friendly. He also fixed my internet and computer tower on the side. We discussed several unrelated and computer related topics as well, it was a pleasant visit and helpful on other issues I had. Their price was more affordable than the other quotes I got from other electronic stores, they did in-home appointments (which is great because I have a disability), and Lucas went the extra mile to fix other issues. This is a locally, family owned business as well, I am glad I was able to support one.

Scott Graham – 10/2016
Lucas was on time at “every” appointment and had my computer for no longer then the window he gave. I have a top of the line Cyberpower custom made computer and Lucas replaced the hard drive and it’s working like a brand new computer again!!! His pricing is more then reasonable and you won’t be able to find a more competent all around computer tech!!! You don’t have to take my word for it, just look at his reviews, he has the highest approval ratings you’ll find…

Sheela Coria – 10/2016
Very helpful and friendly staff. I’ve been wanting to find a go to place for all my computer related questions and problems and Zum Computer Services looks promising!

Ann miss – 10/2016
By far the best choice! Happy to finally have a company I can call on for business and home computer needs. Thank you! Ann Rogers

Bruce Kerr – 08/2016
Over the past 30 years I relied on my husband to manage all computer problems. Well guess what? Not much was written down, so when he became ill and passed away, problems began to arise. I have been lost and extremely frustrated with not having passwords, printers not working and WiFi issues. A dear friend reminded me of ZUM Computer Services and I called Lucas Knapp. He came out and in a short time kindly resolved all my problems. It is comforting to know that he is available and that he can fix and explain what needs to be done. I felt his service far exceed the cost! M. Kerr

C Knapp – 06/2016
Great service for even better great price. ZUM did what I wanted, quickly and efficiently. I highly recommend ZUM Computer Services.

Sue Aldredge – 06/2016
I never planned to have a major operating system nightmare interrupt my work flow, sleep and sanity but Lucas restored order in record time! I am a return customer, always pleased with his expertise and ability to address whatever situation arises. Thank you again for your very much appreciated service, with a smile! Sue Aldredge Pike Sign & Graphic

Debra Waln – 05/2016
Zum Computer Services responded to my request for service on the same day I called. Arrived when promised, moved the files I needed and updated and synced my system. Great job! Thanks Lucas!

Sophia Gutierrez – 05/2016
Once again, Zum Computer Services has saved the day!! Zum Computer Services very courteous to their customers needs. Thank You Luke and Mindy for being promptly with your services and getting are computer up running again. I’ve now have a Happy Family united with their computer thank you again! …

John Mazurek – 01/2016
My new laptop arrived late in the day, and I called Zum so late I was surprised Lucas answered. He set up an appointment for the next day, much sooner than I had expected, and arrived at my home right on time. I really like that he came to my home. In an hour and a half, record time in my experience, he cleared unwanted programs from my new machine, moved files from my old machine to the new one, downloaded the programs that I wanted thus assuring that I wouldn’t end up with those troublesome unwanted programs that often tag along with downloads, and answered all my questions. He also shared with me, when I asked, a program that I hadn’t known about before today, a handy little notepad, that I started using before he was off my driveway. I’ve never had better computer tech service.

Erin Keller – 12/2015
We’ve worked with Lucas a couple of times now. He’s incredibly knowledgeable and fast, which is so very appreciated because who has the time to deal with computer issues!? We highly recommend him and secretly (for selfish reasons) hope he doesn’t become TOO in demand.

Wendy Alejandrino – 11/2015
Zum Computer Services (Lucas) was able to save ALL the files and pictures I thought I had lost. Wonderful service, professional and very knowledgeable. I was referred to this company by a co-worker. Excellent recommendation. Zum will be my go to from now on. Thank you Lucas and Mindy.

Carol Swanson – 11/2015
I was extremely satisfied with the work that was done. Service was prompt and thorough. Lucas explained my options and gave me some good advice on future purchases. I would not hesitate to use Zum Computer Services again.

Roberta Webster – 10/2015
Again, Lucas was amazing. He was prompt, efficient, extremely knowledgeable, explained everything well and thoroughly. The best computer company.

Bobbi Boles – 09/2015
They’re so knowledgeable & easy to work with. Love their customer service & attention to detail. I wouldn’t go anywhere else!

Chris Ferschweiler – 09/2015
Lucas of Zum Computers did an awesome job of cleaning up some problems on my computer…quickly I might add. Then he took the time to explain the process he was doing. He did not use technical terms, but actual understandable language! He asked me several times if I had any other questions or concerns. He was through, fast and complete. In less than an hour, I was back up and running. He is trust worthy and responded to my phone call immediately! I would recommend him to anyone.

David Bundy – 08/2015
Lucas got our computer back the next day. It is running as fast as it did the first day I had it. He explained things in a way I understood and I appreciated that they came to the house. If I ever needed a computer repaired I would call them again.

Edward Barlow – 08/2015
Awesome service. Thank you!

Nannette Martin – 06/2015
Thank you for your prompt, professional and courteous service in getting my computer fixed and working again for me. I really appreciate that you were able to travel to my home office and get my system up and running again. As a busy professional, I rely on technology and it was wonderful to have my issues resolved quickly. Thank you for going the extra mile. I highly recommend you to anyone needing assistance with their computer issues, service and maintenance.

Glenis Chapin – 05/2015
I had Zum Computer Services, LLC give my old laptop a tuneup. I appreciated the professional and thorough service to my computer. I also appreciated that this company is willing to show you how to do some of your own cleanup on the computer to keep it running well. I chose Zum because the company was highly recommended to me by a friend. I would also highly recommend their service.

Sandra Coulter – 04/2015
He arrived right on time and worked quickly to resolve the issues I was having on my older laptop. I appreciate his expertise.

Jennifer Fischer – 03/2015
These guys are fantastic! I had an out of state friend build me a computer. But I started having hardware issues that I needed local help with. Lucas came to my home diagnosed the problem and even told us what we needed to do to fix it on our own to save us money. Unfortunately the new hardware was defective upon delivery. Frustrated I asked Lucas to pick it up and take it with him. He had it back to me in no time, working better than when I first got it.
He is very personable. I felt comfortable having him in my home and being able to discuss options with him instead of just being told what to do. And he is incredibly affordable. I am so happy to know he is in our community and will recommend him to everyone I know in the future.

Linda Richison – 03/2015
Lucas from Zum computers came over to my house and helped me to learn and understand about my new webpage I set up for blogging on a new book I am writing. This territory was so foreign to me and I just got lost trying to read the tutorial. He stepped me though the site and showed me how to navigate to the places that I would probably use the most. I was mostly interested in blogging but he explained so much more, he sure is knowledgeable in many facets of the computer world. He was so pleasant to work with and he explained things so I could understand them and repetitively took me through the same process until I did understand. He also gave me some pointers and ideas on how to have a successful site. He also set up a review tab on my Facebook page for my business with a little help from his lovely assistant/Wife Mindy. I was totally satisfied with the services I received and will definitely call Zum again for all my computer needs. Thanks Lucas and Mindy. You guys Rock!

Craig Nelson – 03/2015
Absolutely fantastic. I don’t trust many but Lucas & Mindy I sure do. Great customer service. They know how to treat a person. I feel as though they put as much energy into what their doing as if it were there own equipment. Friendly & knowledgeable in what’s going on. Lucas came to our house picked up the computers so it was very easy for us he went above and beyond what was expected.
I highly recommend these two people & again trust them to do any computer work for Ann & I & she was so excited to have her desktop running again w/out loosing any information. Lucas did the repairs in a timely manner without over charging us & Mindy Is wonderful on the phone. Give them a call. You won’t be disappointed. You’ll come away w/ a good feeling when the work is completed. Thank you guy’s
Craig & Ann Nelson

Linda Campbell – 02/2015
I needed to purchase a PC laptop. I gave Lucas my budget and not only did he find the most computer for the budget amount I gave him, he also cleaned up the whole thing, took off all the garbage I didn’t need, and installed some things I could use… all for NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE. That’s huge. Not only did I not have to pay extra, I didn’t have to wait longer to get my computer… and delivered to my door!

matt voigt – 02/2015
Lucas is prompt, professional and knowledgeable. Get ready to update your contact list, because Zum will be the computer go to.

Kyndall Pilman – 02/2015
Amazing experience!!! I called, and had an appointment for the next day…which has never happened in my life time!!!! All my questions were answered and all my lap top issues were solved! I Have never had such a great experience when having any issues with my computer before! Zum will have my return business for LIFE! Thank you so much!

Jordan Ohrt – 02/2015
After being completely fed up with my two month old computer running terribly slow, I got a hold of Mindy and Lucas at ZUM. Lucas was out here the next day cleaning up my computer. He found a virus and figured out my anti-virus software was contributing to the slow down. He explained to me everything he did in terms a not-so-tech-savy person would understand and made sure all my questions were answered before he left! Great customer service from start to finish! Thanks!

Amanda Knapp – 01/2015
I have used Zum Computer Services a lot over the years. They are one of the most knowledgeable computer experts I have ever worked with. They are highly motivated to work with you to determine your needs and find a solution. I appreciate their willingness to work with me and help guide me through the process so I understand the issues. They are very easy to work with and have great customer service. By FAR the BEST computer service company out there!!

Edwin S – 01/2015
My wife and I have used Zum computer Service many times over the years. The service is great, the price is right, and when it is done I am back in business. I recommend Zum to all of my friends.

Michele Price – 01/2015
I’ve been using Zum Computer Services for about a year and a half. Lucas, the owner, is wonderful. From the first time he ever came to my home, I felt I could trust him. He’s knowledgeable, capable, professional and has always solved whatever computer problem I had. He has done work for me in person as well as remotely. He has repaired my hard drive, removed viruses and unwanted software, etc. He works efficiently and effectively and is fair in his pricing. I highly recommend him.

Jessica Kouka – 01/2015
I used to take my computer to the Geek Squad but it always resulted in much frustration (for instance the time they crashed my computer days before I was to move out of the country!). But now I use Zum exclusively. They are extremely prompt and professional. They come to ME so I don’t even have to leave my house. I know their integrity is impeccable, which is extremely important since they are accessing everything on my computer. Oh, and their rates are super competitive and I can even get a free diagnostic. I really can’t think of a reason to use anyone else!

Cindy Keithley – 12/2014
I had to replace my PC and could not hook up the existing two monitors. I called Zum and within 2 hours I was up and running. In addition, he made sure my printer was attached, my settings were correct, and added necessary features I had not thought of. Very professional, experienced, and very reasonably priced. I would highly recommend Zum. Thank you!

Gayle Hicks – 09/2014
Reliable, fast and affordable service. I have used them numerous times and the work was excellent.

Jennifer Hunking – 09/2014
Service on my laptop was quick, convenient, and done right. I highly recommend Zum Computer Services.

Susie Schumacher – 04/06/2018
Lucas is great really knows how to fix computers to run like new.

Gary Shearer – 11/8/2017
I have had my computers to various shops for a long time and never did have them working correctly. Lucas arrived at my home at the appointed time and in less than an hour corrected the misconnected computers and printer, and checked all devices and ALL now work correctly. He even took my laptop and corrected an incorrect setting and took care of that issue as well.
Have computer issues? Call Zum and get them resolved!

Sonija Riches – 06/1/2017
Lucas came to the home office and fixed my computer. He was able to come over within hours of calling him.
When you run a business and need your computer, he was there for me and got it back up and running.
He’s a really nice guy and I am so glad I was able to find him.
I recommend him and give him 10 stars if if could.

Chrystal Patston – 02/3/2017
I am so lucky to know Mindy @ Zum. In a world where we use so much technology in our personal lives and our business enviroments, its important to protect our information. They know all the tips and are happy to help. Thanks Zum!

Jeri Jennings-Friend – 01/31/2017
My goodness, I was so impressed with Zum! Lucas did an outstanding job, was very courteous and knowledgeable. They fixed my computer within a couple of days and all is great! I will tell all my friends to use them with no reservations. Thank you Zum.

Rita de Groen – 12/19/2016
I just moved to town and needed help getting my printer to work. In the past, it has been a headache to get it set up properly. It has been set up three times, and each time it was set up differently. I called on Friday, and Lucas was here on Monday. He arrived on time and he worked quickly and efficiently. He had the printer working very quickly. He even wrote up and printed out directions for me so I could remember how to use the scanner. I would not hesitate to contact Zum Computer Services in the future should I have a need for assistance with my computer and printer.

Dearie Desu – 10/26/2016
Lucas came on time to the appointment. He was resourceful at having several options to diagnose my external hard drive. Although he was not able to recover it due to the physical drive being customized and possibly damaged from a sabotage, he offered several other options for me to ship it to people who can physically attempt to fix electronics. He was very knowledgeable and friendly. He also fixed my internet and computer tower on the side. We discussed several unrelated and computer related topics as well, it was a pleasant visit and helpful on other issues I had.
Their price was more affordable than the other quotes I got from other electronic stores, they did in-home appointments (which is great because I have a disability), and Lucas went the extra mile to fix other issues. This is a locally, family owned business as well, I am glad I was able to support one.

Scott Michael Graham – 10/14/2016
Lucas was on time at “every” appointment and had my computer for no longer then the window he gave. I have a top of the line Cyberpower custom made computer and Lucas replaced the hard drive and it’s working like a brand new computer again!!! His pricing is more then reasonable and you won’t be able to find a more competent all around computer tech!!! You don’t have to take my word for it, just look at his reviews, he has the highest approval ratings you’ll find…

Karen Landers – 10/6/2016
Thank you Lucas and Mindy, for a quick and through overhaul of a refurb computer I had purchased from another party. Lucas always goes above and beyond and at a reasonable price. Many thanks…

Pat Rowland Carothers – 08/31/2016
My computer wasn’t accepting my password, called ZUM, Lucas came to the house the same day. Got it fixed, transferred all my files, got rid of password entry altogether, ran file backup, Let me watch and ask questions. Great job, timely and affordable. I am ever so grateful and would recommend in a heartbeat!

Connie Knapp – 07/26/2016
I just got a new laptop. ZUM ordered what I wanted for a great price. It was set up and ready to run when ZUM delivered it to my home. Lucas transferred all my files from my old computer without any trouble. It was all there, on my new computer. I would highly recommended ZUM for your computer needs!

Sierra Langford – 03/09/2016
Fantastic service at a great price! He came to my house, picked up the tower after we discussed my concerns, did a full back up and reinstall of our OS, and then delivered the tower back to me within two days! Couldn’t ask for better! Thank you!

Jennifer Fischer – 03/17/2015

These guys are fantastic! I had an out of state friend build me a computer. But I started having hardware issues that I needed local help with. Lucas came to my home diagnosed the problem and even told us what we needed to do to fix it on our own to save us money. Unfortunately the new hardware was defective upon delivery. Frustrated I asked Lucas to pick it up and take it with him. He had it back to me in no time, working better than when I first got it.
He is very personable. I felt comfortable having him in my home and being able to discuss options with him instead of just being told what to do. And he is incredibly affordable. I am so happy to know he is in our community and will recommend him to everyone I know in the future.

Claudia Teri Whiting Baumgart – 02/11/2015
I called Zum Computer services, and 2 hours later he was at our house. Lucas is so efficient, pleasant and informative. This is the second time I have had to call him, and if needed, I will not hesitate to call him again. GREAT SERVICE!

Barbara Patton – 01/29/2015
We are so dependent on our computers today and feel as though the world will end if we don’t have them running in top condition. Lucas at Zum Computers is there to help keep them in tip top shape. You don’t even have to take it to him. I live in another town from Lucas, so when I call him to fix issues with my computer he does it remote…..FANTASTIC. I trust his integrity so I give him full access to my computer. He does a great job in a quick and professional manner. I HIGHLY recommend Lucas at Zum computers for any computer needs.

Marta Haro Thomson – 01/29/2015
Today was my first experience with Zum. Lucas was professional, knowledgeable and precise in his solutions to my computer problems. Great fast work and I will, most certainly, use their services again.

Ivonne Cline – 01/28/2015
On Monday I walked in to my office and two computers were not working, connection completely gone, and printers crashing .. I immediately called ZUM.. They were here within the hour, fixed everything that needed fixing, set up our new printers and had us back on course !! Thank you so much !

Pat Turnidge – 12/20/2014
Lucas and Mindy are what this country is all about. Young people that understand the real value of customer service. My lap top hard drive was disappearing in front of my eyes. Lucas came right over and stopped the hemorage and in a few days had a new hard drive in and everything worked like new. The cost was lower that anticipated so all in all, Zum is a pleasant surprise in every aspect. Thanks Lucas and Mindy!

Stephen Hermenze – 11/10/2014
Timely, courteous and they got the job done. I was dead in the water and they got me up and running. Thanks Zum.

Shawnnell Carol Fuentes – 11/05/2014
Excellent customer service. Such nice people. Please contact them for your computer needs.

Debra Nord – 09/17/2014
Lucas has been our Computer Technician for many years. We are grateful for his help and has always been able to fix the problems for us. He shows up and will fix it at our house if at all possible. He is quick and reliable. This is a person you can totally trust. His service cost is the lowest we have ever had.

Anita Hammonds – 09/03/2014
starI was very happy with my repair and I believe they are trustworthy nice people and wish this nice couple good luck with new business. I would recommend contacting them for computer repairs.

Jim Schaible – 08/21/2014
Lucas explains things well and straigtforward with what he charges. delivered as promissed and I would definitely return for anfy problems i have come up in the future; James

Stacy McGinnis – 07/10/2014
I called this morning to have a laptop repaired for our winery. Lucas came this afternoon and fixed two computers we were having issues with. Very professional, get service and friendly. I will definitely call again if I need service.

Barrett Nutsch – 07/02/2014
When our other computer tech couldn’t fix the problem with the PCI card in our machine, Lucas with Zum computers came through and saved the day! I would highly recommend this company if you are looking to have your computer fixed. Thanks again Lucas!

Rosy Stuivenga Bradley – 06/30/2014
Lucas was great., he knows his way around computers for sure!!! It was very convenient for him to come to the house. I would recommend him to any one who needs computer services and will use him again if needed…thank you…

Rhonda Reibach – 06/04/2014
I had a virus that my spyware was not able to handle. I called Zum and they came to my house the same day! The tech was very efficient and friendly. My computer was virus free in 1 hour!!! They even cleaned up other problems while they were there. Great customer service! If you need experienced,responsible computer help call Zum!

Linda Hampton ONeal – 03/18/2014
Great customer service, such a wonderful change!! I love the fact Lucas comes right to you, which is much better than having to unhook everything 🙂 and drag the computer somewhere. Thanks for being kind, professional and knowledgeable. Feels good to have someone trustworthy in my home.

Louise R. Swanson – 02/26/2014
I had an issue with a confused browser that would not allow me in my e-mail. I contact Zum Computer and Lucas was able to clean up my laptop, but our PC hard drive also. I highly recommend Zum Computer.

Mary Reif – 02/26/2014
Lucas was great! Having multiple issues he was able to repair them remotely! Thank you very much!

Sean Combs – 02/25/2014
I had an internal laptop issue rendering it useless. After calling multiple places in Salem, I had all but given up until I reached Zum Computer Services. Lucas showed up and took the computer right from my home and was very friendly and punctual. Within days the laptop was repaired at a very reasonable price. Lucas promptly hand delivered it back to me. I will return to Zum any time I have a computer issue as they are extremely professional, reliable, and they don’t charge an arm and a leg!!!! Recommended to everyone.

Jessica Lebold Kouka – 02/25/2014
Lucas comes right to you and goes above and beyond to make sure that your computer is running at its best. And I feel good knowing that his integrity is impeccable and I can trust him with all my personal information on my computer.

Fantastic service by Catherine – 03/25/2013
I called Zum Computers based on their 5-star ratings and a Google search. I wasn’t disappointed. Lucas offered a competitive rate and was actually the least expensive in Salem. My laptop was making a buzzing sound and he determined it was the monitor. He was able to replace the monitor (had to order) and only charged an hour of service. Total cost was just under $170. He informed me of each recommendation before proceeding. I appreciated that he served like doctors use to… house calls. Lucas came to my house, picked up the laptop, and delivered it when done. Now THAT’s customer service at it’s finest. Would give him my business again.

Zum Computers by Kevin – 11/18/2013
This computer company is great! They come out to your home to pick up and deliver when finished in good time with good communication and repair. You will be satisfied.

Printer by judie – 10/17/2013
Lucas came to my house and in 15 min had set and fixed my printer. I will call Zum again if I have a problem with my computer . He was very professional and nice.

Quick by Sean Keene – 10/10/2013
Lucas came out to my house and help set up my network on two new laptops. He was quick and did great work. Was nice not to have the computer tied up too long, my wife and I run two business from our laptops.

Effective, polite, effecient computer repair service by 1943Mike – 08/29/2013
Lucas was on time, kept my computer overnight (as he said he would) and returned it to me the next day – virus free!! I had a nasty virus (ZeroAccess) on my computer which my two anti-virus programs and two anti-malware applications could not remove. His charge (I thought) was VERY reasonable. I’ll be using him again if I have any more computer problems I can’t solve myself.

Best computer company in town! by Kat – 07/15/2013 I am so thankful to have found Zum! Our small business has been struggling to find someone to help us convert over to “the cloud” and to fix our glitchy computers. We have tried multiple local companies, and even some private IT guys. Lucas is the first to actually listen to what we want, and then complete the tasks in a professional, timely and cost effective manner. He always returns phonecalls, is polite, and really knows what he is doing. If you are having issues with your computers, give Zum a call. You will be glad you did.

Solved issue on a MacBook Pro by Linda C – 07/08/2013
Excellent service. Love their business model… free diagnostics and only pay for the work done. Prompt, knowledgeable, and friendly service. My MacBook Pro running Parallels had become unbearable slow. They provided a solution that I am very happy with.

Great Customer service and fast… by Sean – 05/08/2013
Come to the house with quick and friendly service, Great Job! Thanks

Reinstall of hardware by Karen Clark – 07/06/2013
I called into zum and was able to get someone out to my have with in 2 hours the same day to re install some hardware that I had to purchase for my computer. He was very efficient and quick at doing his job. I believe his name was lucas sorry didn’t really catch the name was a little busy at the moment of his arrival. I would recommend him to anyone, and would recommend Zum as well. Thank you so much for your time and patients with my computer and me.

Laptop came back from Zum (Lucas) better than from HP during warranty by Delfina – 05/20/2013 I had some problems within the first two years of ownership of my HP Pavilion and had to send it in to the Warranty Center for repairs twice. Both times, it came back with the repair completed, but the fan was making this really loud noise since I first purchased it. HP Service Center updated the BIOS, because I told them it was overheating, but they didn’t suggest the fan might need replacing. Now that the warranty has run out, I had to call someone local for repairs and I went to Dex to find out what others had to say about Zum. Lucas arrived promptly, communicated clearly with me and made sure he understood my expectations. After Lucas took it in, he called and told me the fan was going out, I expected to get the same “loud” computer back that I gave him (but one that cooled itself, at least) To my DELIGHT, my computer can barely be heard when it is running, now. It is running smoothly and quietly for the first time since I purchased it. I highly recommend Lucas at Zum. I haven’t checked all my backup files but feel certain that they will be there when I do. if they aren’t, Lucas told me he still had them on his hard disk for now. I am quite pleased with the service I received and he was very forthcoming about the estimated cost of everything, too.

Prompt, efficient, courteous by Wilhelmina – 05/08/2013
I appreciated the prompt response to my call–message left after 9 pm and arrived before noon the next day! Although the initial problem had apparently resolved itself, he addressed all additional concerns and questions, as well as what to do if problem recurred. Lucas is always the epitome of courtesy and understands that not everyone who owns and uses a PC at home is computer savvy!

Superb, professional service by David – 04/08/2013
Zum is awesome! Dropped my laptop and the wireless quit working, called first thing in the morning and they were out to evaluate it within two hours. Worked there computer magic and had it working again within the hour. The techniciann(Lucas) was very professional, knowledgable, and curteous. Zum will be my go to for any further technical difficulties.

Very quick service! by Troy – 04/03/2013
I was having problems with my computer and within 1 hour of calling, Lucas was here and fixed the problem. Very professional and knowledgeable about computers. Thanks!

review of Zum by Lonnie – 03/05/2013
A very good co. to do business with. they provided 1 day service at a very good mprice. I will use them again when neede and recommend to friends.

Thank you Zum! by Kimberly – 02/27/2013
Lucas was able to order a new screen for my daughters laptop computer and replace it that same week! Thank you Zum! It is working great!

Great Same Day Service by FAST – 02/14/2013
My computer had a virus and needed a remedy… I called and Lucas came over that day. He took my hard drive home fixed it and returned it the next day. Thank you for the professional and prompt service. I ill be refering friends and family to this business. Robin

Zum Computer Service is Outstanding! by Kathy – 02/08/2013
Lucas impressed me as a young business owner who brings an array of knowledge, coupled with integrity and respect, which he shares with his clients. It was a true delight to welcome Lucas into my home, and on time. Within one hour, he diagnosed and repaired my computer issue. In my case, he analyzed my old computer, discussed options to add more ram, dealt with the reality of Windows 8 and computer performance, etc. Lucas listened to me and my goals. Based on respectful discussion between us, we made the decision to “expire” my long-time trusted computer companion. I had a newer computer, and Lucas transfered everything from one computer to the other, and then took the time to teach me how to re-organize my documents.I will gladly recommend Lucas, knowing you too will be delighted to work with him.

Super Service by Pam Ferrara – 02/07/2013
The hard drive on my laptop, that I was using as a hard drive, bit the dust. Lucas replaced it, then came to my home to get everything working together. He did a super, efficient job, and I learned a bunch to boot! I highly recommend this service!

ZUM Computer Services by Carol Jacobson – 01/17/2013
The owner, Lucas Knapp, provided prompt service when I called to ask for help as a virus had invaded my computer. He had to take my computer back to his business and trouble shoot – bringing it back a day later. He explained what he had done, asked if I had any questions and wanted to make sure I was comfortable with what he had done. I would highly recommend him.

Zum computer services by /veleda Flower – 01/07/2013
Lucas was prompt, competent, and completed the work quickly. I would highly recommend him to my friends

Good & Prompt Service by Bob Wallace – 12/14/2012
I am very pleased with the service I received form Zum. He was here as scheduled and cleaned up my computer so it would run more efficiently. I will gladly recommend him.

Healthiest, Happiest Computer in South Salem, Oregon! by Vicki Barram – 10/05/2012
Lucas was very prompt in replying to my request for help.. On the first visit he actually solved the computer issue I was having in about 45 seconds! I had already had others here who couldn’t get to the bottom of it.
This time Lucas took my tower with him. He did his magic and now my computer is fast again and running like a champ. Rates are very reasonable and service is prompt and friendly. Thanks, Lucas!

Best Computer Fix I have ever had by Dave in Gates – 09/17/2012
This was the best experience that I have ever had, in dealing with computer repairs. Not only did Lucas make the long trip out from Salem to Gates, he did so, the very day I called. He was prompt and very courteous. Not to mention, that he had the problem fixed quickly and very resonably priced. I highly recommend using Lucas and Zum Compter service. You won’t be sorry, if you do.

Awesome and Quick Work by Gina Harris – 07/09/2012
I am very pleased with the service I got from ZUM Computer Services. They are speedy and Lucas came right out when I called him. I’ll definitely be back next time I need service for any of my computers. I know my information was kept confidential and secure. Thanks again for doing such great work, Lucas.

Speedy Computer Repair by Doug and Sandy in Dallas, Oregon – 07/04/2012
Lucas was very attentive to our computer repair needs. He replaced the graphics card in our main computer and upgraded our laptop to our complete satisfaction. He was extremely responsive and efficient. We highly recommend him for computer services and will definitely call him in the future for any computer needs.

To the rescue for Mabel, senior citizen by Mabel Valech – 01/18/2012
My brother was happy with Lucas’s services, so I decided to speed up my computer, He found several problems, they are now fixed, additions made. When I can I will call him again for an upgrade. Thanx for the prompt service!!!

Awesome Service by Larry Boatwright – 01/18/2012
Wowwww!!!! The service and work done by ZUM Computer sets a new bar for customer service, rates, quality and time to completion of the work, I’m still trying to soak it all in. I so highly recommend ZUM to everybody. In my book, no one even comes close. Lucas you are absolutely AWESOME!!! My computer runs better than when it was new.

Always Couterous and responsive by W. Harrod – 09/08/2011
It is with relief that we can rely on Lucus from ZUM computer services to handle all our computer needs when problems develope. On more than one occassion he has promptly come to our rescue when something stopped working in our system. Hardware, software, online problems, Lucus knows what to do. If you are tired of getting ripped off or waiting for some other co. to finally get to you, then call Zum and ask for Lucus. When it comes to computers we only have one phone#, ZUM. W. Harrod.

Pleased with Service by Olson Enterprises – 03/29/2011
Zum provided outstanding service. Courteous and very responsive. Solved my internet connection problem efficiently with time left over to help with a couple of other issues. I will definitely use this service again when it is time to upgrade my system. I can unreservedly recommend them to other computer users in the Salem Oregon area.

DeVito Insurance West Salem Oregon by Christopher DeVito – 02/02/2011
Zum has been fantastic! Prompt, knowledgeable and honest are only a few of the praises his business is worthy of. We have tried several IT outfits in the past but we are sticking with Zum. I would highly recommend Zum Computers to any individual or business that needs some hand holding when your technology is troubling you. Thanks Lucas!

Spray School District By Ronda – 04/8/2010
I am the business manager at a small school and our internet went down. I was in the middle of budgeting AND running a payroll. Needless to say, I was frantic. After trying to troubleshoot on my own for 45 minutes, I placed a call to Zum. After a quick description of what was occurring, he lead me right to where the “fix” needed to occur. I was back online within minutes of my call.

Thank you!

Mah-Hah Outfitters by Steve Fleming – 03/18/2010
We have been working with Zum Computers for a couple of months now. I contacted Lucas via Zum’s Remote Assistance feature, and he has come into our computer and cleaned it up, installed some programs to keep it clean, installed some programs we were having trouble installing, found updated software programs for some of our hardware and installed them. He was fast and efficent in all these tasks, and extrememly patient in explaining to me what he was doing and why.

Lucas had been very impressive to work with, but he went over the top when I contaced him to help me revamp a big Powerpoint Presentation that was six years old and need updating. We started at 3 PM one afternoon, and he stayed with it for 5 hours till we had it completely renewed, saved, and trasfered onto our laptop. A couple of days later I gave a Two-Day Seminar at a remote location, from that PowerPoint Presentation, that looked and worked perfectly.

His tireless work ethics, patient attitude, and knowledge are rare in this day and age. We would recommend Zum Computers to anyone, and have not found a task they can not do fast and efficently.

Fast and Knowledgable by D&B – 02/23/2010
The technician was very knowledgable about computers and was able to fix ours which unknown to us was affected by viruses. We only knew the computer wasn’t working correctly. He was able to fix it and help us understand the problem. We had him come to our home to fix the computer. The price to fix was very reasonable. We will use them again in the future, especially when we decide to upgrade our computer. I would recommend Zum to friends. Thanks, D & B

They do it all by Bassin’ Buddy – 02/10/2010
Zum helped us with our wireless service, and installed a state of the art one for us. Saved us $20 a month over DSL and was faster. The Remote Access Service, where you allow them to come into your computer, was the BEST. They helped us install programs, find updates to our old programs, set up and e-mail mailing list, clean up our computer, teach us programs, and more. They were very knowledgeable, fast, and easy to work with. We have very little computer knowledge, but they were patient and even checked on us a couple of days later to see if we were still able to work the new systems. GREAT SERVICE!

BK– Domestic Goddess plus by Sunny – 01/18/2010
Zum came to the rescue–having been told I needed a new mother board I called and Zum promtly came out, took a look, ordered the Cpu (not a mother board) and fixed the computer. Informative, answered all of my many questions, and treated me with respect and kindness. They fixed the problem at an affordable rate. They are everything their ad says and more. Thank you!!! Thank you!!!

Violet’s Esthetics Salon by Marian – 11/10/2009
Zum was hired by my company to install and set up a new computer, software, midware and security for our new website and online retail store. They did a great job so the operation would run smoothly and is easy to use. They are very efficient, accessible and the rates are fair. For us, Zum is the only computer company we use. They work well with my marketing consultant, bookkeeper, and accountant. Thanks to Zum we have no computer problems to deal with in our business.

Re-installed my wireless driver and installed virus protection by Mandy – 09/25/2009
Zum Computer Services was very helpful. I worked with them because I needed to download new virus protection on my laptop. Zum was able to download it and set up all of the necessary setting quickly and effectively. Also, my wireless wasn’t working and somehow Zum Computer was able to re-install the drivers and now it works perfectly! Thank you Zum I will be using you again in the future.

Great Job! by Violet’s Esthetics Salon – 09/01/2009
Lucas Knapp from Zum Computer Services was hired by my company to install and set up a new computer, software, midware and security for our new website and online retail store. He did a great job so the operation would run smoothly and is easy to use. He’s very efficient, accessible and his rates are fair. For us, he’s the only computer tech we use. He works well with my marketing consultant, bookkeeper, and accountant. Thanks to Lucas we have no computer problems to deal with in our business.

Remote Assistant Support by Amanda – 06/15/2009
I was having problems with my computer. It was running very slowly and I had a major virus. Zum Computer was able to remote desktop into my computer, locate, fix, and troubleshoot the problem. It has been working great ever since. I would definitely work with them again and the next time I know of anyone who needs any help with their computer I am going to refer Zum Computer Services to them! Thank you for your help!!

Satisfied Customer by Connie – 06/12/2009
They were quick, efficient, had a highly professional attitude and exceeded my expectations. Kept my business up and running.