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Zūm Computer Services specializes in on-site computer repair services for business and residential customers in the Salem Oregon, Keizer Oregon, Dallas Oregon, Silverton Oregon, and Mid-Willamette Valley.

If you need computer repair or technical assistance for your computer hardware or software, our experts can help! We specialize in computer repair and optimization Windows. We can help improve the speed of your existing computer system, recover lost data due to system failure or hard drive malfunction, remove malware, computer viruses and other destructive software from your system. We can help you install and maintain anti-virus and security software to protect your computer system from unwanted attack by hackers and viruses. Call Zūm computer repair today and get your computer system running like new again!

With affordable computer repair rates, convenient on-site computer service and excellent customer care, Zūm computer repair offers you the best choice for computer service and repair in the Marion County, Polk County, & Mid-Willamette Valley. Click here to see what other people are saying about Zūm Computer Services!

Testimonial – See what other people are saying about Zum Computer Services!

I had some problems within the first two years of ownership of my HP Pavilion and had to send it in to the Warranty Center for repairs twice. Both times, it came back with the repair completed, but the fan was making this really loud noise since I first purchased it. HP Service Center updated the BIOS, because I told them it was overheating, but they didn’t suggest the fan might need replacing. Now that the warranty has run out, I had to call someone local for repairs and I went to Dex to find out what others had to say about Zum. Lucas arrived promptly, communicated clearly with me and made sure he understood my expectations. After Lucas took it in, he called and told me the fan was going out, I expected to get the same “loud” computer back that I gave him (but one that cooled itself, at least) To my DELIGHT, my computer can barely be heard when it is running, now. It is running smoothly and quietly for the first time since I purchased it. I highly recommend Lucas at Zum. I haven’t checked all my backup files but feel certain that they will be there when I do. if they aren’t, Lucas told me he still had them on his hard disk for now. I am quite pleased with the service I received and he was very forthcoming about the estimated cost of everything, too.
Laptop came back from Zum (Lucas) better than from HP during warranty by Delfina – 05/20/2013 -