Computer Cleaning & Defragging
CCleanerCCleaner_v412.exe Cleans computer & registry & uninstall programs.
DefragglerDefraggler_v217.exe Defrags computer hard drive.

Recover Lost Files
RecuvaRecuva_v151.exe Attempts to recover lost or missing files.

System Information
SpeccySpeccy_v125.exe Gives system information about a computer.

Antivirus Programs
Removes and cleans virus, trojans, spyware, adware, and other windows infections.
Malwarebytes Anti-MalwareMalwarebytes.exe v2.0.0.1000
SUPERAntiSpywareSUPERAntiSpyware.exe v5.7.1018
TDSSKillerTDSSKiller.exe v3.0.0.27
RKillrkill.exe v2.6.5.0
RKill64rkill64.exe v2.6.5.0
ComboFixComboFix.exe v14.4.3.1
HitmanPro32HitmanPro.exe v3
HitmanPro64HitmanProx64.exe v3
Comodo Cleaning v2.5.2
Comodo Cleaning v2.5.2
Emsisoft Emergency KitEmsisoftEmergencyKit.exe v4.0.0.17

Other Programs
Open Office – A open source free full office sweet similar to Microsoft Office.
7-Zip – A file compression program.
VLC Media Player – A DVD and media playing program.
Windows Essentials Media Codec Pack – Media CD & DVD playing codec pack for windows. – A free very versatile computer art program.
Infra Recorder – Burn CD & DVD and images.